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Writing and the Future

I have spoken to many experts in the field of commercial and scholastic writing, and it seems formal composition must change. While there are some armchair philosophers that would claim our society lives in a current blur of ignorance, this … Continue reading

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Alice Walks

I haven’t posted in the blog for awhile. Alice Walks was taken on by Cemetery Dance for a mega-release in E-Book form. I cleaned up the file and added some text making this my most polished work. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Done Stuff

I completed my fourth novel, The Glorious Secrets of Ghosts last Thursday. It is in the hands of my mentor at the moment so we can determine the best places for submission. Of course, I always feel my work is incredibly commercial, … Continue reading

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Upon You Love by Marie Lavender

I have added some pics her of Marie Lavender’s cool new book titled Upon Your Love.  Sales links here; pick one up! Amazon Universal link: Publisher: Barnes & Noble: Books-A-Million: CreateSpace link:

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Upon Your Love by Marie Lavender

Marie Lavender’s new book, Upon Your Love, is available now. Here is the blurb and some cool pics. The Hill family saga concludes as loyalties are questioned, faiths will be tested and undying love may come at a terrible cost… Fara Hill, … Continue reading

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Marie Lavender Released a New Book!!

My good friend Marie Lavender recently released a new book, late February, and I wanted to share some of her information. She is a romance writer and a damned good one! This story is called Upon Your Love. Here is an excerpt … Continue reading

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S.T. Joshi’s Latest Blog

I received a mention in S.T. Joshi’s latest blog. This is the highest of honors for me, as without S.T., I never would have published a darned thing!!!!! Excerpt: I am so taken with some of these writers that I … Continue reading

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Hmm.  Did I say I wasn’t going to talk process anymore? Really? I think I am going to have to roll that back. I don’t have a standard Facebook account nor Twitter anymore, because I don’t want to talk politics … Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary

It was a year ago February 2nd that my best work came out. I do admit that there are some who feel my first novel Alice Walks was my smoothest read, but Phantom Effect, released by Night Shade Books / Skyhorse is most certainly … Continue reading

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Has Writing Become an Antiquated Art Form?

Without getting into questions about the different forms and functions of writing (expository, narrative, social, creative) I would ask whether writing itself as an aesthetic form is dying. In terms of business, we see it happening right before our eyes. … Continue reading

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