Why Baseball is Different

For anyone who doesn’t like baseball, there are a couple of things that people don’t usually consider that make it stand out.

  1. Baseball is the only sport that positions the defense as the team in possession of the object.
  2. Baseball is the only sport without a time limit.
  3. Baseball is one of the few sports where the defense can’t “foul” you or “screen” your vision of the object.
  4. Baseball is the only sport where the player with the object (when pitching) aims not at the center of the target, but at its edges.
  5. Baseball is one of the few sports (the only one I can think of actually) that does not require good cardio for success. The longest one runs is in the outfield…sprints at most a hundred feet to the side or the back wall…and running the bases for a rare inside the park home run, altogether three hundred and sixty feet. Usually, it is a sprint to one base, which is only, of course, ninety feet.
  6. Baseball is the only team sport besides curling that doesn’t have a “man or woman “on” you.
  7. Baseball is the only sport where the offense does not see the plan of the defense until the release of the object. (Football is close, but defenses do have to finally position themselves before the hike, if even just for a split second. In baseball, the type of pitch is masked the entire time, as a signal from the catcher to the pitcher.
  8. Baseball is the only sport that does not require uniform measurements and angles on one of its boundaries (varied distances and shapes of outfield walls).
  9. Baseball is the only sport that allows a victory lap (home run) during the game.
  10. Baseball is the only sport through which the goal is to come home.
  11. Baseball is the only sport that houses the teams waiting to contribute offensively in small lean-to’s (dugouts).
  12. Baseball is the only sport that considers success 3 out of 10 times as good. (.300 batting average).
  13. Baseball is the only sport that has its own song that applies for every team (Take Me Out To The Ballgame).
  14. If we look at the world as would Anita Loos, baseball is the only sport with part of the playing field shaped like a girl’s best friend (diamond).

About maronovitz2015

Michael Aronovitz is a college Professor of English. He is also a horror writer and rock music critic. -Seven Deadly Pleasures, (Collection), Hippocampus Press, 2009 -Alice Walks, (Novel-Hard Cover), Centipede Press, 2013 (Paperback), Dark Renaissance Books, 2014, (Electronic Version) Cemetery Dance Publications, 2016 -The Voices in Our Heads, (Collection), Horrified Press, 2014 -The Witch of the Wood, (Novel), Hippocampus Press, 2015 -Phantom Effect, (Novel), Night Shade / Skyhorse Publications, 2016 -Dancing With Tombstones, (Omnibus Lifetime Collection), Cemetery Dance Publications, fall 2021. -The Sculptor, (Novel), Night Shade / Skyhorse Publications, fall 2021. -More than fifty short stories published in magazines and anthologies. More than one hundred published music reviews.
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