About Michael


Michael_Aronovitz_02Michael Aronovitz has been writing horror fiction for as long as he can remember. Since 2009, along with his two collections and three novels, he has published short stories and critical articles in a variety of magazines.  In 2011 his short story, How Bria Died, appeared in Paula Guran’s ‘The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror’, and in 2014 his short story, The Girl Between the Slats, appeared in S.T. Joshi’s ‘Searchers After Horror’ anthology. Most currently, Michael landed a story in Jason Henderson’s “Castle of Horror” anthology, released just this July 1st, 2019. He just finished a mystery/horror novel titled “The Sculptor,” and is currently shopping it to literary agents, big houses, and horror presses.

Aronovitz is a Professor of English and rock reviewer, and lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Kim and their son Max.

2 Responses to About Michael

  1. Katie Glass says:

    hello! I’m a huge fan of yours and was hoping to interview you for a series of interviews i’ve been working on to submit to my college newspaper in the fall anout local Philadelphia writers. I hope this reaches you and that you can make time to talk with me! thank you,
    Katie Glass


  2. Katie Glass says:

    hello, my name is katie glass and i am contacting again because i have an interest in interviewing you for my college newspaper! my email is katieglass94@gmail.com please contact me if you would be willing to meet for an interview!


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