The New Novel, THE WINSLOW SISTERS, Signed!!

I am happy to announce that my 5th novel titled, The Winslow Sisters has been taken on by Cemetery Dance Publications. I just finished the work at the end of this past December, 2021. It took a year and a month to write, and without a doubt, this is my best horror novel yet.

The Winslow Sisters is my third title with Cemetery Dance, and I am glad to say that I have found such a prestigious publisher with continued interest in my harder-core material. First of all, they care about content. Secondly, their editors work endlessly to make sure the book is put in front of as many eyes as possible. My contact there is author and editor Kevin Lucia, and I feel quite confident that the book will be well received, very much because of what he brings to the game in terms of promotion, visibility, and above all, a love for the craft.

In terms of conceiving the story, I visualized the beginning of the scope and sequence as a result of an inspirational read I had of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It was my first “pandemic read” when we were all closed in at home, and the living, breathing reality of the characters jumped off the page. Consequently, The Winslow Sisters came to me character-first, and since I discovery write, I didn’t know my own ending until I had been writing the story for half a year. It is a scary way to play, but it is the way I make sure not to telegraph things or go stale. Hey, three young sisters take on a serial killer; what could be better?

Below is the plug Cemetery Dance shared on their socials a day or two ago. Click it and it will go to the full screen presentation.


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