“Phantom Effect” Explodes, and the “Goblet of Shock” Series Expands!

Forgive me, Father, for it has been too long since my last confession, heh, heh. Yes, I have been busy, and I am pleased to say that a couple of projects are starting to really take off.

My new horror novel “Phantom Effect” was released by Night Shade Books on February 2nd, 2016, and the reaction out there has been awesome. I just did a reading at The University of the Arts on March 2nd which turned out to be standing room only! We sold all the books the University had picked up for the event, and they offered to put the title in the bookstore for purchase permanently. Now I can use it officially for the ongoing fiction class I teach there.

In rock news, my series “Goblet of Shock,” featuring my reviews of horror and how it relates to new bands that matter has EXPLODED! Horror authors Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross gave me the page on their site a couple of months ago, and I have gotten to know a number of exceptional new bands through personal communication and intensive analysis of their music and messages. These recording artists include Ravenscroft, The Bloody Jug Band, Forever Still, Amerakin Overdose, Saint Diablo, Heaven the Axe, Shinobi Ninja, Our Last Enemy, (and soon to come), A Breach of Silence, and Cold Snap. The reactions I have gotten on Twitter and Facebook have been MASSIVE, and I thank everyone for their interest in my fascination with modern hard music.

It seems “Goblet of Shock” has gained a powerful twin sister as it were. Rock DJ WikkedLiss of WCR247 Radio has taken an interest in my reviews. Initially, I believe this was because the two of us were featuring many of the same bands, yet more recently we were pleased to discover that we share the same philosophies about music, art, literature, and the human condition. WikkedLiss, an incredibly talented writer herself, was kind enough to read “Phantom Effect,” and has put together a couple of radio talk shows where I have been invited to co-host. WikkedLiss is planning to bring on four bands from the Eclipse record label that I have been privileged enough to have had contact with, the first two being Saint Diablo and A Breach of Silence, date TBA. We are planning to do another show at a later time with Our Last Enemy and Cold Snap.

We have decided to call the show “Goblet of Horror,” in a nod to the review series, but presented here more specifically with the “Goblet” representing WikkedLiss and her extraordinary knowledge of the rock world, and “Horror” making reference to my experience with writing weird fiction. Below, I have provided the link to her station site and also the page talking about the show.



Hope to “see you there” so to speak!

About maronovitz2015

Michael Aronovitz published his first collection titled Seven Deadly Pleasures through Hippocampus Press in 2009. His first novel Alice Walks came out in a hardcover edition by Centipede Press in 2013, and Dark Renaissance Books published the paperback version in 2014. Aronovitz’s second collection, The Voices in Our Heads was published by Horrified Press in 2014, and The Witch of the Wood, came out through Hippocampus Press in early 2015. Aronovitz’s first young adult novel Becky’s Kiss will be appearing through Vinspire Press in the fall of 2015 and his third hard core adult horror novel titled Phantom Effect will be published by Night Shade Books in the fall of 2015. Michael Aronovitz is a college professor of English and lives with his wife and son in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.
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