Nifty New Guest Blog Post / Comments on King

Check out my guest blog post on Midnyte Reader! Here, I talk about the way I come up with plot and character. At this point I am the third entry down, so you will have to scroll a bit.

My novel in progress – ‘Dead Red’ is about to cross page 100 at 31,000 words. My end goal is 90,000 words minimum, and I would project finishing the rough draft by Christmas. I feel that will be good timing, because my third (and best) novel titled ‘Phantom Effect’ will come out February 2016 through Night Shade Books.

I just read ‘Joyland’ by Stephen King, and I enjoyed it. King has always had the ability to find a character’s center quickly and effectively, but with this one it was clear how effortlessly and selflessly he transfers details of story and movement. I personally get quite caught up in descriptions when I am writing, often making them “artistic” and “showy.” King somehow puts you in a summer carnival and with subtlety and pinpoint accuracy, involves you there without making you stop and say “what brilliant descriptions.”

King is the prodigy of our time. I consider myself quite lucky to have his material to enjoy and learn from.

About maronovitz2015

Michael Aronovitz published his first collection titled Seven Deadly Pleasures through Hippocampus Press in 2009. His first novel Alice Walks came out in a hardcover edition by Centipede Press in 2013, and Dark Renaissance Books published the paperback version in 2014. Aronovitz’s second collection, The Voices in Our Heads was published by Horrified Press in 2014, and The Witch of the Wood, came out through Hippocampus Press in early 2015. Aronovitz’s first young adult novel Becky’s Kiss will be appearing through Vinspire Press in the fall of 2015 and his third hard core adult horror novel titled Phantom Effect will be published by Night Shade Books in the fall of 2015. Michael Aronovitz is a college professor of English and lives with his wife and son in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.
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