Election and Writing

I strongly feel that the election, whichever side (if any) you were on, has affected life, writing, art, and social norms as much as the developments (good and bad) of social media.

Already, I am feeling this in my writing, and I am trying to embrace the idea that plot, character, and theme are more politically charged nowadays. The exciting thing, is that politics had always bored me, and many others of course, proven by the idea that politicians always ran away from long dissertations concerning “policy.” Not anymore.

Again, whichever side you are on, I have a strong suspicion that political issues are hot buttons to expand on, not run away from, even in our most commercial endeavors. Olay!

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Thanks to S.T. Joshi

Just an official thanks for the most stand-up guy in the industry. Thank you S.T., for all the opportunities you have given me!

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Cemetery Dance, Heavy Metal, and Ghosts

For months last winter and spring, I wrote a rock column called “Goblet of Shock.” The articles are still available, but I have taken a hiatus from these. I did a number of interviews with rockers on WikkedChikRadio247 as a guest host, and it was an absolute honor. The connection between metal and horror is more than evident, and it was a pleasure linking the two professionally.

I am concentrating on family and my fiction writing at this point.

The ebook of my best and most commercial novel “Alice Walks” will be coming out through Cemetery Dance within the next couple of months. I sold out the hardcover run through Centipede, and Dark Regions has the paperback.

I had the opportunity to go back over the “Alice Walks” file for the coming ebook, and it was an author’s dream…to tailor, polish, fix, and retool the piece making an absolutely pristine product. On a personal level…I have been submitting to Cemetery Dance for years…decades…and this is the first time I have landed a work there. A high, high honor!

I gained back the rights to my second collection “The Voices in Our Heads” and I am not quite sure what to do with it right now. The market calls for novels and series work far more than collections. Possibly, I might tack it on to another work and make some sort of massive volume, but that is still in the “thinking stage.”

My latest work called “The Glorious Secrets of Ghosts” is KICKING! I had been struggling with a long piece called “Dead Red” for three years now, and simply, it was not working. Painfully, I had to admit that even though I had 111,000 words plus, there were threads and character actions necessary to the plot, that sadly, I just didn’t buy, the ultimate author’s paradox. “The Glorious Secrets of Ghosts” started as a collection, answering with ghosts the questions we usually cover with the good old “God works in mysterious ways.” Well, the idea blossomed quickly, and it was like the old days where I literally felt like I had a muse in me, rushing ideas through like my hair was on fire. Some of the “Dead Red” material transfers actually, as without realizing it on the surface, the ideas for ghosts were background for “Dead Red!” Or backstory. Or both. Either way, I have a quite exciting, literary yet commercial piece working right now, and the chase feels…well…glorious.

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Latest News

“Phantom Effect” was my most successful novel out in the sales market to date.

I sold out the hardcover run of “Alice Walks” at Centipede Press.

The ebook for “Alice Walks” comes out in a couple of months!

I am working on a new novel titled “The Glorious Secrets of Ghosts.”

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“Phantom Effect” Explodes, and the “Goblet of Shock” Series Expands!

Forgive me, Father, for it has been too long since my last confession, heh, heh. Yes, I have been busy, and I am pleased to say that a couple of projects are starting to really take off.

My new horror novel “Phantom Effect” was released by Night Shade Books on February 2nd, 2016, and the reaction out there has been awesome. I just did a reading at The University of the Arts on March 2nd which turned out to be standing room only! We sold all the books the University had picked up for the event, and they offered to put the title in the bookstore for purchase permanently. Now I can use it officially for the ongoing fiction class I teach there.

In rock news, my series “Goblet of Shock,” featuring my reviews of horror and how it relates to new bands that matter has EXPLODED! Horror authors Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross gave me the page on their site a couple of months ago, and I have gotten to know a number of exceptional new bands through personal communication and intensive analysis of their music and messages. These recording artists include Ravenscroft, The Bloody Jug Band, Forever Still, Amerakin Overdose, Saint Diablo, Heaven the Axe, Shinobi Ninja, Our Last Enemy, (and soon to come), A Breach of Silence, and Cold Snap. The reactions I have gotten on Twitter and Facebook have been MASSIVE, and I thank everyone for their interest in my fascination with modern hard music.

It seems “Goblet of Shock” has gained a powerful twin sister as it were. Rock DJ WikkedLiss of WCR247 Radio has taken an interest in my reviews. Initially, I believe this was because the two of us were featuring many of the same bands, yet more recently we were pleased to discover that we share the same philosophies about music, art, literature, and the human condition. WikkedLiss, an incredibly talented writer herself, was kind enough to read “Phantom Effect,” and has put together a couple of radio talk shows where I have been invited to co-host. WikkedLiss is planning to bring on four bands from the Eclipse record label that I have been privileged enough to have had contact with, the first two being Saint Diablo and A Breach of Silence, date TBA. We are planning to do another show at a later time with Our Last Enemy and Cold Snap.

We have decided to call the show “Goblet of Horror,” in a nod to the review series, but presented here more specifically with the “Goblet” representing WikkedLiss and her extraordinary knowledge of the rock world, and “Horror” making reference to my experience with writing weird fiction. Below, I have provided the link to her station site and also the page talking about the show.



Hope to “see you there” so to speak!

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Phantom Effect – My 2016 Release

Phantom Effect

PhantomEffectWithBloodSerial killer Jonathan Martin Delaware Deseronto is stuck with two flat tires on an abandoned construction site with the body of his latest victim, the lovely co-ed Marissa Madison, in the trunk.

What he doesn’t realize is that the girl was psychic, and her ghost will force Deseronto to live the last fatal week of her life inside her body as a passive passenger, making him experience the mind numbing terror of being stalked by himself.

Available for purchase on Amazon


Review by Publisher’s Weekly

Psychological obsession and surrealist complexity lend interest to fetishistic violence in a perverted parable that challenges traditional moral norms and reader expectations.

When serial killer Jonathan Deseranto gets a flat tire, an unexpected encounter leads to an automobile accident that, in turn, reveals the animated corpse of Marissa Madison, his most recent victim.

Cast into a purgatorial time loop and forced to inhabit Marissa’s life as well as his own, Jonathan realizes his victim had “gifts he didn’t know about.” Reliving Marissa’s domestic strife and enduring grim reunions with his abusive mother, Jonathan becomes both hunter and prey.

Razor-sharp description, breakneck action, and sympathetic characters undermine the reader’s preconceived notions of past and present, and of reality and delusion, in a thriller designed to question as much as entertain.

The genre staple of a killer’s psychosexual metamorphosis is invigorated by the theme of a fragmented identity haunting itself. Perspective shifts lend depth to a philosophically rich fearfest that’s recommended for readers who prefer their titillation to include some complexity.

Link to review.

Michael Aronovitz is the author of the acclaimed short story collections Seven Deadly Pleasures (Hippocampus Press, 2009) and The Voices in Our Heads (2013), Alice Walks (2013), as well as the novel, The Witch of the Wood (Hippocampus Press, 2014).

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‘Phantom Effect’ is LIVE!

Today is the day before ‘Phantom Effect’ comes out through Night Shade Books. This is my most bold piece, that in effect, took a lifetime to write. This is my biggest stage, as Night Shade/Skyhorse is the most prestigious publisher to have taken on my work. I am thrilled about this, and look forward to this part of the journey.

‘Phantom Effect’ took two years to write altogether, and began with my fascination with the work of Indie Film maker Ursula Dabrowsky: pure grit and beauty. I also wanted to create something that broke writing trends and standards, and not to be too technical, I wanted to celebrate a more literary form that didn’t seem so afraid (forgive the strange personification) to express inner-psychology while moving a plot at break-neck speed. This led to point of view shifts, time line alterations, and a glorious fun house of flashbacks I hope the reader finally enjoys.

This is a serial killer piece that goes into the supernatural, but more, it is a “people” piece, one that opens a lot of emotion and the darker recesses of the human heart.




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Goblet of Shock / Reviews There and Here

I have a new review series called “Goblet of Shock” which gives serious commentary on horror and new heavy rock bands that matter. I have my own page now on the site shared by famous horror authors Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross, and it is there that I am giving specific attention and interpretation to the world’s newest and best musical projects.

I am not doing this for the purpose of criticism. This is a celebration. If I am approached by a new band (or stumble across one) that sucks, I simply will not put up the review. If a band gets on “Goblet of Shock,” there will be intricate commentary linking that  group to horror, two photos, and their hottest video. I will also tweet about it for a week constantly.

If you are a new band with a video that has some sort of horror thread, please contact me at michaelaronovitz@gmail.com

I am running into a bottleneck of bands at the moment who want to be reviewed. Of course, I can not review everyone. I also can not review two bands that have the exact same kind of horror thrust. That being said, I have additionally come across a number of good bands asking for exposure that don’t quite fit, for one reason or another, the “Goblet of Shock” paradigm. This does not mean the particular project is a runner up! In fact, bands that would additionally fall into this category are those I love who are already too big, like “In This Moment” or “Babymetal.” To accommodate the many projects like the ones just mentioned, I am going to feature much shorter reviews on this blog, maybe every three days or so. If you make it here to “The Author’s Graveyard,” I will name the members, make a comment about each, and run a paragraph. Then I will have the video link.

So far I have featured four of whom I feel are the most important new bands, the first three on “The Horror Review Page,” and the latest on my own new page “Goblet of Shock,” though I consider all four a part of the Goblet family if you will.

Ravenscroft: Gargoyles and Skulls.


Ravenscroft 6







The Bloody Jug Band: Hillbilly Horror


Bloody Jug Band 2






Forever Still: Scream Queens and Dark Sirens


Forever Still






Amerakin Overdose: Masks and Face Paint


Amerakin Overdose 1






I will be adding the aforementioned shorter reviews on this page within the next couple of days. The next band to go up on “Goblet of Shock” will be Saint Diablo.

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Rock Review – Ravenscroft

I am starting a series of hard rock reviews that merge horror fiction and hard new music. I have a strong relationship with the people who run the awesome blog Hellnotes, that which is also connected to Journalstone Publishing and Dark Discoveries. They have a new page called “Horror Review” and that is where these writings will show up.

I am focusing on the tie that binds hard rock and horror. I am choosing new bands and critiquing a given video, though this will not be deconstructionist. Ever. I am not a rock critic. I am a fan and this is a celebration. If I have negative things to say about a certain video I simply won’t write about it.

If you are a new band with a video and interested in being reviewed, message me or tweet me on my Twitter page:


Here is the link to my first professional rock review, concerning the new hard rock band Ravenscroft.


Ravenscroft 7

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Becky’s Kiss is Live!!

I usually reserve this blog for hard core, gratuitous horror stuff under my real name, but “Becky’s Kiss” went live today, my paranormal teen romance story written under the pen name Nicholas Fisher.

At one point this piece was agented and at another it was looked at by Dial, Penguin’s young adult division. I got writing advice from QL Pearce, Tamara Thorne, Ken Bingham, Claire Evans, and agent Cherry Weiner, in other words, the base tale had potential and I did a lot of work on it with help from the very best in the industry. Altogether, it is one of my best works, an exploratory piece with difficult timelines and “world rules” to navigate. It is also my first piece to have a happy ending type of a feel, and while this is not the way I usually would go, I wrote what the story demanded.

Yo. Becky throws 90!!



BeckysKiss 500x750 (6)

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