Fox News is Not News

Someone should start a petition demanding that Fox News change their name. To be coy, maybe “Fox Loose,” or “Fox Noose” might work better, as they pass themselves off as news and are not (to explain the former) and / or with the latter, they have raked in and put many in this country in a “noose,” of hatred and bigotry. 1604 – Christopher Marlow – “Misery loves company.” He referred to the way Satan builds his kingdom!

Not being coy, but frank, however, it is clear that Fox News is a talk show spouting ridiculous, hateful, and often uniformed, childish editorial even though they are supposed to be”reporting” as “anchors.” The ones on the “panels” are shamefully worse. Newscasters are not supposed to advise viewers or politicians, but those on Fox News do. They also name-call, examples: referring to liberals as “the faithless,” “stupid,” and “haters,” just to name a few. They also advocate gang-style animosity (like some violent rallies we all know and despise) aiming hate-speeches and cat-calling toward real news networks, and the initial blame, or the root if you will, of “fake news” lies with Fox News, passing themselves off as news to begin with, which by design has always been objective. Still, Fox News gets away with infusing hate rhetoric with things that appear “news-ish” accompanied by well researched, yet selective facts. That, my friends, is frankly…un-American.

Fox News, anchors, producers, and writers all, is comprised of the very worst sorts of people in our society. They are enablers. Evil. Despicable. Disgusting. Heinous. In the film The Accused, they were the good ole’ boys at the bar, yelling in the background, laughing, egging on the rapists, saying “Poke the pussy!” Here, America is the one violated. And Fox News just keeps on yelling.

They should be called what they are. Conservative Fictive Hate Television. They should not be awarded seats at press conferences either.


About maronovitz2015

Michael Aronovitz published his first collection titled Seven Deadly Pleasures through Hippocampus Press in 2009. His first novel Alice Walks came out in a hardcover edition by Centipede Press in 2013, and Dark Renaissance Books published the paperback version in 2014. Aronovitz’s second collection, The Voices in Our Heads was published by Horrified Press in 2014, and The Witch of the Wood, came out through Hippocampus Press in early 2015. Aronovitz’s first young adult novel Becky’s Kiss will be appearing through Vinspire Press in the fall of 2015 and his third hard core adult horror novel titled Phantom Effect will be published by Night Shade Books in the fall of 2015. Michael Aronovitz is a college professor of English and lives with his wife and son in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.
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